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Small caps are one type of lettering where capital letters are smaller than lowercase letters. They are frequently used for rhetorical purposes and as graphic devices of interest. The small caps are usually comparable in size to the lowercase alphabet. However, they may be shorter or longer than them.

They can be utilized on different occasions, such as to emphasize a particular word or phrase, make the layout attractive, or create an effective hierarchy structure of a presented document. They can also be incorporated into branding, such as logos, advertisements, business cards, and various marketing items.

Small caps can be a helpful device for emphasis, bringing out a specific word or phrase. In addition, these different letter types can serve as indicators of a hierarchy within the text – smaller letters will be devoted to less significant information. Meanwhile, larger letters will highlight the most essential information.

Small caps can add sophistication and stylishness to a logotype. They can also serve as a means of making a business name or web address visible. For example, small caps could enhance some stylishness or make the name or title pop on the business card.

Furthermore, small caps are a multipurpose lettering style. However, if used appropriately, it can enhance visual appeal, highlight critical areas, decorate documents, etc.

Lettering is incomplete without small caps, and here is why. These provide visual interest, help to highlight particular words or phrases and bring in personality and style, among others. Small caps can be used to make a given writing look different and attractive when used in the right way.

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