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The line on which the bases of capital letters sit.

A baseline is the imaginary line upon which the majority of the letters in a typeface are positioned. Each letter has a different baseline, which gives the typeface its overall look and feel. The baseline is also used to align text horizontally.

Baseline is important in typography because it provides a consistent visual reference for the reader. It helps the reader track the progress of the text, and makes it easy to identify where one line of text ends and the next begins.

There are different baselines used in different typefaces. Some typefaces have a dominant baseline, which is the baseline that the majority of the letters sit on. Other typefaces have a mean line, which is the average of all the baselines in the typeface.

The use of baseline in typography can vary depending on the typeface and the purpose of the document. For instance, in a headline, the baseline of the letters may be intentionally offset to create a more dynamic look. In body text, the baseline is usually left aligned, to create a more stable and easy-to-read look.

Baseline is the imaginary line upon which most letters “sit.” In typography, some letters (such as “h” and “b”) have parts that extend below the baseline, while others (such as “p” and “q”) have parts that extend above the baseline. The baseline is also important in determining the spacing between lines of text; generally, the space between lines of text is equal to the height of the letters on the baseline.

Baseline is also a term that is used in project management. In this context, a baseline is a snapshot of the project at a particular point in time. The baseline can include the project schedule, budget, and scope. The baseline is then used as a point of comparison for future project progress.



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