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A side heading is a short heading that appears at the beginning of a section or chapter, usually on the left-hand side of the page. It is typically used to introduce a new topic or to provide a brief summary of the content of the section or chapter.

In book publishing, a side heading is a short phrase or sentence placed at the beginning of a chapter or section, typically in larger or bolder type than the main text. It concisely encapsulates the content of that section.

Side headings can be an effective way to break up longer stretches of text and guide readers through a book. They can also be used to highlight key themes, ideas, or characters. In nonfiction books, side headings can help to organize information and make complex topics more accessible. In fiction, they can be used to set the scene or atmosphere for a chapter.

While side headings are not essential for all books, they can be a helpful tool for both authors and readers. When used judiciously, they can add clarity and structure to a book without interrupting the flow of the story or the reader’s experience.

The purpose of a side heading is to help the reader navigate the text and to provide a brief overview of the content of the section or chapter. Side headings can be helpful in long or complex texts, or in texts that are organized into sections or chapters.

In books and other printed materials, side headings are typically set in a larger, bolder typeface than the body text, and they may be numbered. In online texts, side headings may be set in a different color or font than the body text.

While not all books need side headings, they can be an important tool for publishers, especially when it comes to non-fiction and textbooks. Side headings can help break up text and make it easier for readers to find information. They can also be used to highlight key points or sections of a book.

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