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A side heading is a short heading used to begin a section or a chapter and is positioned on the top left of every page. Primarily, they are used as entry points into new subjects or sections or as content summaries.

In book publishing, a side heading refers to a short phrase or sentence appearing at the bottom of a page, often in larger and bolded type, to begin a chapter or section. The online text may have side headings in different colors and fonts to the body text.

One can also use side headings to make longer strips of text more manageable to navigate and follow, guiding the readers through the book. They are also effective in highlighting the subject matter, ideas, or main characters in the story. Side headings can also be used in non-fiction books to arrange information and simplify issues that are difficult to comprehend. The setting of a chapter in fiction can be painted using them.

Such additions benefit the author and reader, although not all books require side headings. They can impose order and make sense in a book without disturbing the flow of the story and the reader.

A side heading gives a brief description of what the section or chapter under consideration is about, allowing a reader to grasp its meaning and flow quickly. For example, side headings support such texts as long and complicated ones or texts with sections and chapters.

Some books might never require side-headings. However, some publishers, especially when handling non-fiction or textbooks, might highly appreciate its use. They help to break the text so that the reader will be able to get the information. The readers can quickly identify the most prominent components or paragraphs of the book.

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