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A “running head” is a short summary of the article, book, or other work that appears at the top of each page. It is typically no more than 50 characters, and may be as short as a single word. The running head is also sometimes called a “header.”

The running head serves two purposes. First, it helps the reader keep track of where they are in the document. Second, it provides a way for the author to identify the work, should it be divided into multiple parts.

The running head is typically placed in the top left corner of the page, flush with the left margin. It is often abbreviated, to save space. For example, the running head for an article about the history of the American Revolution might be “HIST-REV.”

The running head is not to be confused with the “headline,” which is the main title of the article, book, or other work. The headline is typically much longer than the running head, and is placed below it, on the left side of the page.

A running head is a line of text that appears at the top of every page of a book or manuscript. It typically contains the book’s title or the author’s name.

The purpose of a running head is to help readers identify the pages of a book or manuscript. It is especially useful when a book or manuscript is divided into chapters or sections.

Running Head is a vital element in the publishing process, as it allows for the identification of a book during the printing and binding process. This element is also important for marketing and sales purposes, as it helps to identify a book on store shelves and online. In addition, Running Head can assist in the discovery of a book during a library search. Overall, Running Head serves an important purpose in the world of books and publishing.

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