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A printing form that contains several copies of the same image. Each copy of the image on a printing form is called a “color separation.” A printing form is typically created by photographing a complete color image through a series of color filters. Each filter allows a different color component of the image to pass through to the film or paper below. When the printing form is created, each different color separation is usually printed on a separate sheet of film or paper.

A rule is a line or block of lines used to divide a page, create a margin, or enclose a block of text or image. In printing, rules are used to separate or enclose blocks of text, images, or other content on a page. They are also used to create margins and to help align text and other content on a page.

There are a few different types of rules that can be used in printing. The most common type of rule is a line. Lines can be used to create margins, to enclose blocks of text or images, or to divide a page into sections. Lines can be solid, dashed, or dotted.

The purpose of a rule is to help ensure that the color separations are properly aligned when they are printed. A rule is simply a line or set of lines printed on the printing form. The lines on the rule are used as a guide to help the printer align the color separations when they are printed.

The importance of rule in printing cannot be understated. It is critical for ensuring that printed materials are consistent and accurate. Without rule, printers would have a difficult time ensuring that their output is of the highest quality. As such, rule plays a vital role in the printing industry, and is something that all printers should be familiar with.

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