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Review copies (also referred to as advance reading copies, or ARCs) are free copies of a book given out before its publication date for reviewers and opinion-makers in the form of galleys or uncorrected proofs. Typically, these review copies arrive several months before their respective book releases are set for release.

Review copies are complimentary copies of books provided by publishers to reviewers, critics, booksellers, librarians, or librarians for evaluation or review purposes. They are often supplied well before publication to generate early buzz and reviews for new titles.

Libraries rely heavily on reviews in purchasing decisions, with The Library Journal being one of the most influential trade publications. Their reviews can make or break whether a library adopts a book.

Review copies are usually free of charge to reviewers; they do not feel obliged to write reviews, and most choose to do so on their initiative. Some reviewers, however, may accept payment for their services.

Review copies have two purposes: they create early buzz for a book and allow reviewers enough time to read and compose reviews before its release. Galleys also serve as final checks before being printed off for distribution.

A review copy is vital to books and publishing for several reasons. First, it ensures books meet industry standards of quality; second, it allows potential customers to sample the work before committing to buy it; finally, it increases word-of-mouth marketing, increasing sales.

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