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A presentation copy refers to a specially bound or inscribed book given by an author as a gift. This personalized gesture can serve various purposes, such as expressing gratitude, requesting a favor, or simply delighting the recipient. Institutions like libraries may also receive presentation copies as generous donations.

These books are typically bestowed upon individuals of distinction or those who share a special connection with the author. Additionally, the term “presentation copy” may extend to include specially tailored editions created for authors themselves or others closely involved in the publication process.

Within the book trade, a presentation copy can refer to review or publicity copies intended for reviewers and booksellers before public release. Such copies often differ from standard editions regarding binding color, style, and additional features like autographs or unique dust jackets. Some alternate names for these advance reading versions are “review copies” or “advance reading copies.”

Presentation copies hold particular significance when it comes to first editions of books. These exclusive gifts are further elevated when personally inscribed by the author—making them highly sought-after collector’s items among enthusiasts.

In summary, whether used as tokens of appreciation or promotional tools within the industry, presentation copies make for distinct and cherished literary treasures.

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