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Presentation copy is a term used in the book trade to describe a copy of a book that is specially bound or inscribed by the author for presentation to someone. The presentation might be for the purpose of gratifying the recipient, or it might be to thank the recipient for some kindness, or it might be to ask the recipient to do something. A presentation copy might also be given to an institution, such as a library, as a gift.

A presentation copy is a book that is given as a gift, typically by an author to a person of distinction or to someone with whom the author has a special relationship. The term can also refer to a copy of a book that is specially bound or printed for the author or for someone else connected with the book.

A presentation copy is a book given as a gift by its author, usually to a person of distinction. The term is also used in the book trade to refer to a copy of a book used for review or publicity, or for display in a bookstore.

The term presentation copy is most often used in relation to first editions of books. These are copies of a book given by the author to family, friends, or other important people in his or her life. The presentation copy may be inscribed by the author, making it a valuable collector’s item.

In the book trade, a presentation copy is a copy of a book that is given to a reviewer or bookseller for the purpose of review or display. These copies are usually sent out before the book is released to the general public.

Presentation copies of books are often bound in a different color or style than the regular trade edition. They may also have special features, such as a tipped-in autograph or a different dust jacket. These copies are sometimes called “review” or “advance reading” copies.

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