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Pastedown is an industry term referring to a sheet of paper attached to the inside cover of a book with printed information about its title, author, and publisher glued onto it.

Pastedowns play many functions within a book: They add professional polish while making it easier for readers to quickly identify title and author information, allow bookbinders to attach endpapers, and protect the inside cover from becoming damaged.

Pastedowns are made of thick paper stock such as cardstock or Bristol board and adhered to the inside cover with PVA glue before being cut down and bound. After setup is complete, trimming and binding can begin.

Pastedowns are an essential element of bookbinding, using both mass market and hand-bound books to give them professional appeal and protect them during production.

Pastedowns are endpapers pasted to the inside cover of a book that provides structural support and protect it from wear and tear. Furthermore, pastedowns help keep pages secured within their binding to avoid becoming loose.

Pastedown is an integral component of book publishing. As the final step in binding, pastedown ensures that pages of a book remain securely fastened together; without it, readers would quickly disintegrate and become more easily accessible.

Pastedown plays an integral part in the aesthetics of any book. How the pages look is key to its appeal; pastedown helps achieve this through its smooth finish and protection of pages from damage.

Overall, pastedown is an integral element of book publishing that keeps books together while presenting them in their best light.

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