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Panels in books or publications are sections separated from the main text by an outer border or rule, often featuring an introduction text – sometimes known as a head – which introduces or labels the section.

Paneled books feature decorative panels with different colors or textures on their covers, which may be raised above or flush with the surface depending on their purpose. Many such books come in hardcover format; softcover and leatherbound editions also exist.

Paneling can add visual depth and visual interest to book covers or highlight some aspects of their designs, as well as repair damage on these surfaces.

Panels can effectively divide text or illustrations for many reasons, whether emphasizing a particularly significant passage, providing further context, or creating visual breaks on a page.

Comic books and graphic novels also use panels, usually to display artwork for scenes or sequences.

Panels can effectively set off text or illustrations for various reasons, whether drawing attention to an especially noteworthy piece, providing additional details, or acting as visual breaks on pages.

Thanks to their distinctive appearance, panel books make lovely collector’s items; however, they may need help to store them correctly due to warping or bending in inappropriate environments.

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