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Pages proud are books’ way of introducing themselves to the world. It is the physical embodiment of its contents, with its cover being the focal point and most visible feature. Cover design should draw readers’ eyes towards picking up and reading it immediately; durable surfaces should also be chosen because this will be where wear and tear occurs first.

Pages Proud bookbinding style is commonly employed with hardcover books. Pages of the book are adhered directly to its spine, followed by a cover placed over them and secured with glue to its crest before the pages are trimmed so they are even with the spine. This binding method is ideal for books intended for frequent reading, or that must endure heavy use over time.

The spine is the critical component of any book. It serves to hold its pages together and sit atop shelves; its strength must be sufficient to carry both the weight of the book and the pages.

Pages themselves are the final piece in any carrier’s pride. The paper should be of high quality so it does not degrade over time and be printed accurately so the text is accessible to readers.

Pages Proud allows readers to connect with characters intimately, creating an experience where readers see themselves – an empowering feeling! It also allows readers to recognize themselves within it – creating a memorable moment.

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