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“Not yet published” refers to any book written and not yet made public for any number of reasons, such as an author not yet finishing editing or a publisher not yet setting a release date. An “upcoming book” without an official release date would also fall into this category, making it no less “not yet published.”

Pre-ordering a book before it has even been released can be the quickest way to secure yourself one as soon as it becomes available, while another method would be requesting one directly from either author or publisher – although this can often prove more challenging. Otherwise, wait until its release and purchase it then.

If you are an author with unpublished books, keep these things in mind when approaching publishers: (1) Remember your book is unfinished, and there remains work to do before sending it off for publishing, and (2) Be prepared for rejection as not every book will be accepted into print.

Although books must be published for people to read them, unpublished works can have distinct appeal and value. The anticipation alone can create excitement that spreads like wildfire, with people talking about and recommending it even before its official release. Furthermore, not published adds exclusivity and specialness – all hallmarks of success!

Overall, while published books are essential, unpublished ones also hold value and can generate excitement and word-of-mouth buzz that benefits readers and publishers.

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