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Mounting boards are rigid and durable panels designed to protect a book’s spine, covers, and pages from being damaged during production. Most mounting boards are paperboard or cardstock with cloth covering or film, providing extra safeguarding during hardcover book construction and softcover book production.

Mounting boards support books’ spines, covers, and pages. Without one, its spine would become weak and more susceptible to damage; its covers and pages would tear more readily or detach altogether; additionally, a mounting board protects contents against possible destruction.

Mounting boards can be attached to books by adhering or stitching them to their spines before adhering directly onto their covers and pages – usually two to four millimeters thick.

Greyboard and whiteboard mounting boards are two mounting boards currently available to hold hardcover books on shelves. Greyboard boards are composed of recycled paper, while whiteboard ones may contain virgin fibers for softcover readers.

One of the critical components of any book is its cover, as this protects from wear and tear while making the book visually attractive. A mounting board is often utilized in making book covers as it provides maximum wear protection with its thick material covered by cloth or paper that forms its structure.

Mounting boards add professional visual and textual characteristics to book covers while increasing durability – two essential considerations when reading regularly. Furthermore, mounting boards can create different effects like raised letters or embossed designs for added visual impact.

Mounting boards are integral to book-making processes, adding durability, protection, and aesthetic value to finished books.

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