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A hardcover or hardback book is a book that has a firm cover. It is generally made using acid-free paper and is much stronger than a paperback. Hardcover books are frequently wrapped in dust jackets, commonly produced from paper and printed on the front of the book. The dust jacket keeps the book tidy and safeguards against putting it on.

Hardcover books are typically more expensive than paperbacks, yet they last longer and are more durable. For this reason, libraries and schools often use them for their longer life expectancy compared to paperback.

A hardcover or hardback book features a protective covering constructed of thick cardboard or paperboard. This covering encompasses both sides of the text block and its spine, allowing for durability over time and protection from elements such as moisture damage.

The added value associated with these types of books includes their production by larger publishing firms (which may be seen as an indicator of quality), increased longevity relative to paperbacks (making it easier to pass down through generations/years), and — depending on how they’re made — more luxurious feel due to higher-quality materials/craftsmanship involved in their construction.

Hardcover books have numerous benefits, making them a substantial acquisition for publishers and readers. Hardcovers are perceived as more enduring than paperbacks, making them preferable for long-term investment. They also have a longer lifespan than paperbacks since they can be passed down or resold quickly. Finally, hardcovers often feature top-quality materials and artistry, creating an opulent texture.

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