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Modern first’ is defined as the earliest edition of an author’s first work published in its initial print run and with its original covers. The same standard applies to a current first — sometimes, this is a subsequent printing of the 1st edition with all its defects. “Modern First” is also defined as the first edition that has been published outside the U.S., but this is the only version released within North America.

A modern-day First is a book published in the past few decades that is considered an original in its genre. Novels, non-fiction, children’s books, cookbooks, they’re all the same! Modern Firsts aims to introduce readers to the absolute top literary quality from the past 50 years or so.

First prints of modern collectibles are usually the most valuable (and higher priced) because they are far rarer. Plus, they are worth more to collectors.

Modern Firsts, there are several ways to identify as such. Two ways to tell if the book you’re holding is the original edition are to search for a note on the copyright page that reads “First Edition” or “First Printing” or the presence of the numeral 1, where a number line appears on the back of the dust jack

Some bibliographers also utilize certain terms to indicate modern editions. Such things as “first edition” or “state.”

Today’s first editions can be discovered in numerous locations, including online public sale web pages, antiquarian bookshops, and publications focusing on vintage texts.

Modern Firsts — they’re the earliest version of a book printed in today’s time. It also implies that this edition is likely more accurate — and fresher in print — than others of the same book available. Given our policy on updating books, we can be confident that no significant changes were made since our last publication of this content. They’re also generally more expensive than others, making them great for collecting.

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