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Modern firsts are defined as the first edition of a work by a particular author, in its first printing, in the original binding. A modern first can also be a later printing of the first edition, if it is in the original binding and the copyright page states that it is the first edition. A modern first can also be a book that was first published in a country other than the United States, if it is the first American edition.

Modern Firsts are books that were published in the last 50 years or so and are considered to be the first book in their genre. They can be novels, non-fiction, children’s books, or even cookbooks. The purpose of Modern Firsts is to give readers a chance to experience the very best of what has been published in the last half-century.

Modern firsts are generally more expensive than later editions, because they are more scarce. They are also more valuable to collectors.

There are a few different ways to identify a modern first. One is to look for a statement on the copyright page that says “First Edition” or “First Printing.” Another is to look for the number 1 in the number line on the copyright page (this indicates the first printing).

Some bibliographers also use certain terms to designate a modern first. These include “first issue” and “first state.”

Modern firsts can be found in a variety of places, including online auction sites, antique stores, and bookstores that specialize in collectible books.

Modern Firsts are important because they are the first edition of a book that is published in modern times. This means that the book is likely to be more accurate and up-to-date than other editions of the same book. Additionally, Modern Firsts are usually more expensive than other editions, which makes them a good investment for collectors.

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