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Microsoft Mint is an intuitive word processing and book publishing software specifically tailored for authors to write and format their books for print or digital distribution.

Mint books refer to books in nearly perfect condition, appearing as though they had never been read before or handled carefully, with tight binding that shows no wear-and-tear and pages without visible wear-and-tear; its pages compared to new books appear virtually unused!

Mint offers an accessible and cost-effective publishing platform. Authors using Mint can design stunning cover images, interior pages, and marketing collateral and build communities around their work – the perfect way to engage readers!

Mint makes creating eBooks, PDFs, and print-ready files quickly possible with its extensive features and templates designed to assist authors in formatting book pages, adding images, creating headers and footers and chapter breaks, creating headers/footers/chapter breaks as well as having an integrated spell checker and grammar checker; Mint allows authors to produce professional documents of all kinds quickly: eBooks PDFs print ready.

Mint publishing agreements involve authors signing an exclusive publishing rights contract for an agreed-upon period and receiving an increased advance compared to what would have been earned independently on an open market. Furthermore, they pledged not to publish elsewhere during that period.

Minting can be used by authors hoping to secure publication with certain publishers that could offer greater exposure and marketing than others and offer higher advances than on the open market.

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