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In printing, makeready is the preparation of a printing press, binding machine or any other printing related equipment for a printing job. It generally includes cleaning the press, getting it to the correct color, making sure that all the rollers and plates are in place and working properly, and doing a test print run. Makeready also refers to the materials used to get the press ready for printing, such as paper, ink, blankets, and plates.

When a printer receives an order for a print job, there are several steps that must be completed before the job can be printed. This process is known as makeready.

The first step is to gather the materials that will be needed for the job. This includes the paper, inks, and other supplies that will be required. The printer will then set up the equipment needed to print the job. This includes adjusting the settings on the printing press and making sure that everything is in working order.

Once the equipment is set up, the printer will print a test sheet. This sheet is used to make sure that the settings are correct and that the job will print correctly. If there are any problems with the test sheet, they must be corrected before the job can be printed.

After the test sheet is printed, the printer will then print the actual job. Once the job is printed, it will be inspected to make sure that there are no errors.

The book printing process is long and complex, but the makeready stage is essential to ensuring a high-quality final product. During makeready, the printer makes sure that the press, inks, and paper are all correctly calibrated and that the printing plates are correctly aligned. This attention to detail at the start of the printing process helps to avoid problems later on and results in a better-looking, more professional book.

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