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A gatefold is a type of fold used in bookmaking and paper engineering. It is constructed by folding two panels of paper or cardstock inwards along the spine of the book. The gatefold is then glued or sewn to the binding.

Gatefolds are often used to create extra space for artwork, maps, or other content that would not fit within the standard book format. They can also be used to create a dramatic opening effect, as the reader must first open the gatefold before continuing to read the book.

Gatefolds are not limited to books; they are also commonly used in magazines, newspapers, and other forms of print media.

A gatefold is a type of binding for a book or booklet. The pages are glued or stitched together at the spine, and the cover is wrapped around the outside. The cover is usually made of heavier paper or cardboard, and the pages are usually made of thinner paper.

The term “gatefold” comes from the fact that the cover looks like a pair of gates that open up to reveal the pages inside. Gatefolds are often used for books that have a lot of illustrations or photographs, or for books that are meant to be read slowly and savored. They can also be used for books that need to lie flat when open, such as cookbooks or art books.

Gatefolds can be made by hand or by machine. If you’re making a gatefold by hand, you’ll need to score the paper or cardboard first so that it will fold nicely. You can do this with a bone folder and a straight edge, or you can use a scoring board.

If you’re making a gatefold by machine, you’ll need a binding machine that can do case binding. This type of binding machine will have a die that will score the paper or cardboard for you.

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