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A score is a thin line or mark cut into paper or another material. Scores are generally used to help fold or tear the material along a straight line.

Score is a term used in the graphic arts and printing industry to describe the act or method of folding paper. The term can also be used as a noun to describe the fold line or crease made in the paper.

The purpose of scoring is to create a fold in the paper that will be clean, sharp and have a 90 degree angle. Scoring is often done before folding and is done by using a scoring blade, wheel or creaser. These tools make a shallow cut or impression into the paper so that when it is folded the fold will be crisp.

Paper is often scored before it is fold or cut. This is especially common with cardstock, which is difficult to fold or cut without a score. Score lines can be made with a scoring board, a scoring knife, or a scoring wheel. A scoring board has a metal blade set in a hardwood base. A scoring knife is a metal blade set in a handle. A scoring wheel is a metal wheel with a sharp edge that is rolled along the paper to make a score.

Scoring is also used to create decorative effects. For example, paper can be scored and then folded to create accordion pleats. It can also be used to create interesting textures on paper crafts.

Score is an important factor to consider when choosing paper. It determines how the paper will fold and how it will feel. Heavier paper with a high score will fold crisply and feel substantial, while lighter paper with a low score will fold flimsily and feel insubstantial. The right choice of paper can make all the difference in the look and feel of your finished project.

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