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Through heat and pressure, foil blocking is the printing process used to apply metallic or pigment foils to paper. Book covers, business cards, and wedding invitations frequently use this method. Special effects and designs are what foil blocking can add when applied to printed materials, providing a premium, luxurious feel.

Book publishing uses foil blocking, specifically when covering or adding metallic or pigmented foil to book pages or covers as decoration. Heat and pressure are applied using a metal die or plate to produce a shiny and ornamental finish.

The foil can be manufactured from thin metal sheets like gold, silver, copper, or colored pigments. This added element visually enhances its look and makes the book stand out.

Foil blocking allows certain book cover areas to have an elegant, eye-catching, or sophisticated finish. The aesthetics can be taken to the next level when combining embossing and debossing.

Gilding, or the application of foil blocking to book page edges, adds a decorative touch when the book is closed. This technique is regularly applied for decorative purposes within book design and in special and limited-edition books.

Book publishing relies on foil blocking, a versatile method that creates eye-catching and unique designs.

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