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An organization known as the Federation of European Publishers (FEP) has been established and is responsible for advocating and safeguarding the interests of the European publishing sector, both within Europe and globally. Founded in 1973, FEP boasts 36 members spanning across 27 countries.

FEP’s primary objectives are:
– Advocating for an advantageous regulatory and business environment to benefit publishers,

– Providing a platform for discussion and deliberation on topics of mutual concern,

– Collecting and disseminating valuable information regarding the state of the European publishing industry,

Highlighting the significance of publishing and reading.

At its core, FEP upholds that a flourishing publishing sector is vital to fostering a flourishing cultural landscape and maintaining democratic values throughout Europe.

This organization serves as a voice representing European publishers within institutions of the European Union and various international organizations. Its efforts include promoting publisher interests, encompassing copyright issues, taxation matters, competition policies, digital advancements, and numerous other domains crucial to the industry’s growth.

Additionally, FEP acts as an authoritative source providing insights into developments within the European publishing realm. It regularly publishes reports analyzing industry performance while also delving into specific studies concerning relevant areas. Moreover, it annually produces a comprehensive Copyright Review document showcasing key aspects of copyright administration.

To facilitate collaboration among significant entities in this sector across Europe while identifying shared priorities around common concerns encompasses one significant function carried out by FEP—organizing regular meetings with events such as the FEP Conference alongside annual gatherings like the FEP Copyright Summit shared by all stakeholders involved­ in shaping this field.

Regarding funding mechanisms to sustain operations effectively, member publishers’ contributions substantially finance FEP supplemented by project grants received or voluntary donations directed toward supporting their initiatives aimed at advancing­ education agendas further beneficial to society at large through ­the support system they provide.

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