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An endorsement of a book is an official declaration by someone who appreciates its quality, often found on its back cover or inside jacket. Testimonials from notable people may help sell books; however, everyday reader endorsements often have as much power to persuade others to read specific titles as testimonials from celebrities or notable figures.

An endorsement for a book might include praise for its writing style, characters, plot, theme, or reader experience; simply enjoying reading it or recommending it to others or discussing its emotional effect; sometimes, an endorsement will note how the book made them feel.

Some endorsements serve more like mini-reviews, giving an overview of the book and providing insight into why its reader enjoyed reading it. Others contain brief statements like, “I loved it!” or “This book should be on every list!”

When writing an endorsement of a book, it can be helpful to think about why you enjoyed it and what would convince another reader to pick it up. Be as specific as possible, and be bold and mention anything you didn’t enjoy about its text; an honest endorsement will be more convincing than one that glosses over flaws in its coverage.

Before endorsing any book, be sure to read it first! Failing to do so would not only be unfair and helpful; it may also cause you to say things unintended by doing so.

Anyone can write endorsements, but those most knowledgeable of an author and genre tend to provide more insightful endorsements. If you were a fan of one of their previous novels, mention this fact when writing your endorsement; otherwise, explain why this particular title caught your interest despite not typically reading such titles.

Endorsements are an effective form of word-of-mouth advertising and should be treated accordingly. When people see their peers or favorite authors recommending a book, they’re likelier to check it out themselves.

As an author, you can ask friends, family, and fans of your book to write endorsements on its behalf and include these statements in marketing materials such as your website, book trailer, social media posts, and press kits.

When receiving endorsements for your book, thank those who wrote and used their quote on its cover!

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