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Double burn printing is a technique for producing darker prints by repeating an image two or more times using two distinct screens or colors of ink, usually one darker and the other lighter; oftentimes this creates depth and dimension within shadowed areas while adding three-dimensionality to these areas.

Double burn can create the appearance of age or distress in its place. The printer would first print an image using light colors before overlaying them with darker tones that don’t cover them completely, creating an appealing vintage aesthetic and an impression of age or distress in its place.

Double burn is an extremely versatile technique and can create various looks.

Double burning may not be necessary for every print project, but it may prove invaluable when trying to achieve certain colors or calibrate your machine. By burning your design twice you can ensure more consistent prints without risk of issues from single burn; double burn can even help improve quality by sharpening and vibrating prints more. Ultimately though, whether double burn is necessary depends on personal preference and project requirements – but for optimal results, double burn should definitely be considered.

Double burn printing is an imaging technique which involves burnishing an image twice onto paper, usually to achieve greater detail and precision in prints. Although more costly than other techniques, its results often justify its investment if quality prints are necessary.

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