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Die in printing refers to a metal block with an elevated, inked surface, then pressed against a substrate to make impressions. Dies are often reused several times to create identical images.

Die-cut products such as business cards, labels, and packaging require dies to produce. Businesses often use dies to add stamping or embossing effects to their printed products with the dice.

Dies can be created from steel, brass, or copper, depending on the developed product and desired finish. A die is defined in printing as a block or plate featuring raised lettering or designs used to impress images on paper or other materials.

Die is a metal block with an embossed design on one surface used to stamp an impression onto a printing substrate. Designs on a die can include company logos, decorative patterns, or text.

When printing companies refer to “die,” they mean metal stamps used to stamp designs onto substrates. Die are generally constructed out of hard metal (usually steel) using carving techniques and used to stamp the design onto a substrate – perfect for creating logos, texts, or images!

Die is an essential part of printing as it allows printing plates to transfer images onto paper consistently and reliably. Die also plays an integral role in maintaining an even, continuous image across pages.

Die is a metal block used for cutting or stamping out shapes from sheets of metal or paper. When printing is involved, dies can also be used to cut paper sheets out with sharp edges that cut through it more quickly than their counterparts made of plastic or wood. Dies are generally constructed from steel with sharp edges explicitly designed to cut through paper sheets more efficiently. They are usually heated before use to ease cutting through them more effectively.

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