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A crimped book is a type of bookbinding where the pages are held together by a series of small metal clips. The clips are usually made of brass or steel, and they are placed along the spine of the book. Crimped books are often used for books that will be read frequently, as the clips make it easy to open and close the book without damaging the spine.

Crimped books can also be used for books that need to lie flat when open, such as cookbooks or photo books. The clips allow the book to be opened fully without creasing the spine.

There are a few disadvantages to using crimped books. The clips can be visible through the book’s cover, and they can sometimes come loose over time. However, crimped books are generally more durable than other types of bindings, and they can be an attractive option for books that will be used often.

Crimped is an important tool for book publishers because it allows them to keep track of inventory and prevent overprinting. It also helps them save money on paper and printing costs. Additionally, crimped can help ensure that books are printed with the correct margins, gutters, and text flow.

Crimping is the process of bending or denting the cover of a book so that it will fit snugly around the spine of the book. This is done to give the book a more finished look and to prevent the cover from sagging or wrinkling. Crimping is also used to create a lip or edge on the cover of a book, which can be used to create a more interesting design or to help the book stand out on a shelf.

The article discusses how the book industry is in a state of flux, with books being published in a variety of formats and on a variety of platforms. The article argues that the traditional model of book publishing is no longer sustainable, and that publishers need to find new ways to reach readers. The article concludes by calling for a more open and collaborative approach to publishing, which will allow for more innovation and creativity.

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