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Hardback books typically feature stiff outer covers made of cloth, vinyl or leather to ensure durability.

Case bound books are books with hard covers made of paperboard or cardboard that hold their pages tightly to their spine. Case bound books tend to be more durable than other types, as their pages can easily be rebounded after becoming damaged.

Casebound books are hardcover books with cardboard covers covered by cloth, paper or leather that is attached directly to their spine.

Casebound books tend to be more durable than other kinds of hardcover books and generally feature a sleeker appearance, making them suitable for books that will be read frequently or need to endure high amounts of wear and tear like textbooks.

Case bound books are considered of higher quality than perfect bound ones and tend to cost more as a result. Case bound books tend to be more durable, professional-looking, and durable; making them suitable for libraries or other public institutions that need long-term usage of casebound books. As such, casebound books play an integral role in book publishing industries worldwide.

Case bound books are an alternative type of hardcover book with their covers crafted of stiff paperboard, while their pages are sewn together and attached by sewing to their spines. Case bound books tend to be more durable than perfect bound ones which have pages glued directly onto their spines.

Case bound books typically feature printed spine labels with information about title, author and publisher; front and back covers may feature designs or images as well. Pages of case bound books tend to be cut flush against their spine for a clean finished appearance.

Case bound books tend to be more costly to produce, yet more durable. Casebound books are ideal for textbooks, reference books and other books likely to see heavy usage like textbooks and reference guides.

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