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Colored dots that cross one another appear to butt.

Butt fit refers to a printing term which refers to the registration of two colors that lie adjacent to one another without overlap, achieved by aligning registration marks on two printing plates so that their colors perfectly converge with one another.

Butt fit printing is often employed when two solid colors appear next to one another, such as when printing black and white images, or images with very thin lines such as when creating line art images.

To achieve a perfect butt fit, it is crucial that the registration marks on both printing plates align perfectly. This can be accomplished using either a registration jig or by eye.

Once the registration marks have been aligned, two colors can be printed without any overlap resulting in an image free from color bleeding and no color bleeding.

Butt fit is an important printing technique to master for producing high-quality prints, especially when printing images with thin lines or solid colors side-by-side.

Butt Fit refers to an essential step in printing that ensures an image has clean edges without visible white spaces between images. By aligning two printing plates in this manner, butt fit ensures a crisp edge for a clean print finish and no visible white space between images.

Butt fit is of particular significance when printing images with lots of details and text; any misalignment will become instantly obvious. Furthermore, butt fit can have far reaching ramifications when printed as images that will be cut out or die-cut as incorrect butt fit can cause jagged or uneven edges that detract from an otherwise perfect print job.

Overall, butt fit is an integral component of printing that should be considered when creating artwork for printing. If you need help finding the optimal butt fit, your printer should be able to offer guidance.

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