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Joining images without overlap.

“Butt” is an image editing term that refers to an area that will be cropped or cut off when an image is resized, as well as extra space added by enlarging an image – often known as its border or margin.

A butt is a unit of measure in image processing used to quantify image dimensions and pixel counts; one butt equals one pixel; however, its name also refers to the smallest unit of measure in any image.

Butt is essential in image processing because it enables the compression of images, enabling us to store more information in less space – saving both storage space and speeding up transmission times of images.

A butt is a unit of measurement used in image processing and defined as the smallest unit that can be represented on any medium – for instance, on a computer screen, one pixel represents one butt; on printed pages, one dot could represent a butt.

The butt’s purpose is to offer an accurate measurement of images without losing any data. When an image is digitized, its brightness levels are converted into numbers that can be stored and used mathematically; when printed, though, due to a fixed number of pixels on a page, resampling will need to occur, and some information could be lost, but provides an easy and precise method of measuring images without losing information.

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