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Condition refers to the state of a book; specifically worn, bent corners of its boards that have become damaged over time.

Bump refers to a raised area on a book’s cover created when closed. This usually happens along its spine but could also appear anywhere on its front or back cover. Bumped books often come at discounted prices because their condition may not be ideal.

Bumped books may be damaged for various reasons, including being dropped or stored improperly or just through normal wear and tear. Although not technically damaged, such books are considered secondhand and many booksellers won’t accept them back as returns.

There are various techniques you can use to remedy a bumped book, from using a book press (which will flatten out its cover) or weights which hold open the book allowing its cover to dry flat.

If your book has been damaged, don’t panic – with just a bit of work, you can restore its beauty just like before! With some minor adjustments, you can restore its appearance as good as new!

Bump and Bumped is an feature designed to make book searches more efficient by enabling customers to move certain books up to three times within their search results in order to more quickly locate titles of interest. This feature was introduced with the intention of helping customers quickly locate books they might be interested in more easily.

Bump, Bumped is an important book for several reasons. First, it gives an insightful look into life for an African American family in early 1900s America. Second, it provides rare access to the vaudeville and theatre performance world. Third, it serves as an informative source on race relations in America’s past; fourth, its entertaining narrative makes an entertaining read; fifth, it represents important work of African American literature.

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