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Stiff cotton fabric used for book binding. Commonly seen in library editions due to its strength.

Buckram fabric is an extremely strong and rigid material often used for bookbinding. Constructed of cotton or linen fibers and coated with starch-based sizing to resist wear and tear, buckram can last a long time when handled carefully.

Buckram can be used in various bookbinding applications, including book covers, clamshell boxes and endpapers. Additionally, it is often employed to reinforce book spines by adding raised bands onto them or simply add raised accents that define raised bands on a spine of a book.

Buckram is an adaptable material, offering multiple uses across many applications and colors. Available in various weights for convenient usage, buckram can even be customized according to specific projects or occasions.

Buckram is widely used in both hardcover book spines and paperback book covers to provide a firm surface for text blocks to adhere to and help prevent their spines from sagging over time.

Buckram is often employed in the creation of book boxes and other book-related products, due to its versatile and cost-effective properties. Bookbinders and publishers also find buckram highly appealing as a material choice.

Buckram cloth is used to cover the boards of hardcover books. Made of either cotton or linen fabric, buckram is coated with starch-based adhesive to secure its place on each book board and create an overall finished appearance for a book.

Buckram is an integral component of bookbinding, giving the book a professional appearance while protecting it from wear and tear. Quality buckram will extend the lifespan of any book it protects.

Buckram fabric is an integral component of the book and publishing industry. As a sturdy yet flexible fabric used to cover books and protect them from wear and tear, buckram comes in various colors and textures that can be tailored specifically for each book cover.

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