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Age tanning refers to the brownish-black hue found on hardback and paperback books due to fading or acid present in their paper stock.

Browning of paper can occur upon cutting due to exposed pulp fibers being exposed, or when stored for extended periods without adequate protection from light and air exposure; it’s known as browning. This phenomenon also happens with paper stored improperly for long periods; overexposure leads to further browning of its edges as light penetrates more fully through.

Browning of paper can be avoided by keeping it stored in a cool, dark location. Longer term storage should involve placing it inside an acid-free box or being wrapped with acid-free paper or tissue. Browning can also be reduced with regular sharpening of the blade on your paper cutter.

Browning of paper edges does not compromise its strength or durability; some even prefer their look!

When paper is cut at a factory, its sharp edges tend to be bright white – an unattractive appearance for aesthetic reasons. Therefore, paper may be treated in order to create a more pleasing aesthetic; one method is browning its edges, which gives it a softer, classic appearance.

There are various ways to brown paper edges. One popular technique involves the use of potassium permanganate, which reacts with the cellulose present in paper to produce brownish hues. Other chemicals may also work equally well for this effect.

Some paper products come equipped with pre-browned edges; others may require further treatment after purchase. Homemakers can also attempt to achieve similar results as professionals but with lesser consistency.

Browning paper edges is primarily an aesthetic practice; it does not affect its strength or durability, yet can make paper products appear more sophisticated and elegant while protecting them from dirt or damage.

Browning of paper serves multiple functions. First, it gives it a more professional appearance; second, it protects it from dirt and fingerprints; thirdly, it makes the paper more durable and tear resistant; finally it adds an elegant, richer and luxurious aesthetic to the page.

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