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Tissue is a thin paper sheet that people usually use to separate their drawings from other documents. Wood pulp is mainly used in making this type of paper and is often transparent or translucent. It is also alkaline based, thus acid-free and fit for archival material.

Tissue paper is often used to shield the intricate illustrations or calligraphy that might smudge or get ruined. This paper is an intermediary substance between the book pages when interleaving to prevent them from sticking together. It is also used to create a box or frame lining to prevent the contents from being scratched.

Moreover, tissue paper is widely employed in craft projects, including quilting, origami, and decoupage. It is suitable for adding decoration, color, or pattern to a project. This paper is also commonly employed in gift wrapping to lend a personal touch to the package.

Tissue paper is a thin, lightweight paper commonly used to wrap sensitive items or as an artistic accent. Wood pulp or cotton, available in different colors and patterns, constitute its materials.

This paper is commonly used to securely wrap fragile items such as clothing, glassware, decorations, and figurines. It can also act as decorative accents like bows, streamers, and confetti. This paper can also be commonly used in crafts projects, such as making paper flowers or papier-mâché.

Tissue is a critical book component since it protects the pages from damage. The paper may tear while a book is being read, as one page is replaced with another. This layer of protection is provided by tissue. Tissue can also absorb moisture to avoid the risk of wrinkling or damage.

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