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BPIF (British Printing Industries Federation) is an association representing UK’s printing, paper, and packaging industries. Membership ranges from small family-run businesses to multi-national corporations serving this industry sector.

The Federation works tirelessly to advance and support the UK printing industry and ensure it remains a world-leading sector through various initiatives and activities such as:

  • Offering advice and direction on issues impacting the printing industry 
  • Lobbying government decision makers on our industry’s behalf mes 
  • Assisting members with training and development programs — Coordinating trade exhibitions and events 
  • Undertaking research and development projects.

The Federation offers its members various services, including insurance, legal advice, and discounts on various products and services.

The printing industry is essential to UK economic activity, contributing PS11.8 billion annually and creating over 300,000. At The British Printing Industries Federation, we are committed to working alongside the government and other relevant parties to ensure this vital industry thrives for years.

The BPIF provides its members with comprehensive services, including training and education, health and safety, and environmental, legal, and market intelligence advice.

BPIF also represents the interests of the UK printing and graphic communication industry to the government, media, and other stakeholders. Furthermore, it is a member of the European Printing Industries Federation (EPIF) and the International Confederation of Printing Unions (ICPU).

BPIF is an integral organization in the UK book and printing industries, offering services and support essential to ensuring long-term success for its members in both industries. Furthermore, the BPIF represents its members before key stakeholders within these fields to promote long-term viability in this vital field of graphic communication.

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