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Confederation of Information Communication Industries is an organization that acts to represent companies operating within the information and communication technology sector. They lobby on behalf of their members, promote its development, network effectively with one another, share best practices, and act as an umbrella body to share best practices across industries.

The information and communications technology sector is an ever-evolving sector essential to the global economy. Companies operating within it provide technology platforms, applications, and services that drive innovation and competitiveness – it plays a central role in driving both innovation and competitiveness forward.

Joining an information communication industries federation offers many advantages. By working together, members can more efficiently lobby governments and decision-makers to foster sector growth. Furthermore, membership provides members access to financing options, expands businesses more rapidly, and links with experts from related fields to share best practices among members as they network.

The Confederation of Information Communication Industries provides invaluable support to companies operating within its sector, helping them grow and compete effectively within a globalized economy.

The Confederation of Information Communication Industries (CICI) is an important organization representing Australia’s information and communication industries. Composed of member-based associations that collaborate, CICI aims to advance its own members’ needs and those of the industry through advocacy, policy development, research, networking services, networking meetings, and advocacy services for members. CICI plays an essential role in ensuring our industry thrives within Australia’s market.

The Confederation of Information Communication Industries represents the interests of UK information and communication industries. Their organization fosters industry growth and competitiveness and represents their views to the government and other stakeholders. Furthermore, this confederation offers support and advice to its member companies and runs initiatives promoting the adoption of innovative technology and best practice practices.

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