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EGA (Enhanced Graphics Adapter) is a video display controller that offers more visual graphics and colors than its predecessors. First introduced in 1984 by IBM for use with their PC/AT personal computer line, EGA became part of their high-resolution graphics standard in 1988.

EGA provides a graphics resolution of 640×350 pixels and supports 16 colors from its palette 64. Characters appear as 8×14 dot matrix displays on an EGA video display; additionally, it can show all 256 possible hues through Mode 13h graphics mode.

EGA was replaced by the VGA standard in 1987.

An enhanced Graphics Adapter (EGA) plays an invaluable role in publishing, especially books and publishing for visually impaired readers. An EGA allows graphics reproduction at higher resolution than standard adapters, making them ideal for book design and layout use. Publishers can utilize EGAs to create more visually appealing and easier to read while serving as valuable Braille books for visually impaired readers.

The Graphics Adapter is an invaluable tool for book publishers. It helps publishers produce more visually appealing books while improving overall quality, reaching wider audiences via compatibility with multiple devices and reaching a broader readership. In conclusion, the Graphics Adapter is an indispensable resource that will assist publishers to enhance the quality of their product offerings and reach larger target groups.

This article describes the role of an enhanced graphics adapter in a computer system. A graphics adapter’s primary task is processing and displaying images on a monitor; an upgraded one can improve overall system performance significantly.

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