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Bookjackets are often considered one of the leading marketing tools of publishers; usually film laminated for easier handling.

Bookjackets (commonly called dust jackets, dustwrappers, or DJs) are pieces of paper wrapped around the outside of books primarily to protect their cover from wear and tear. However, it can also serve to promote it to potential readers. Their primary function is protection, but bookjackets may also serve another purpose, such as advertising your book’s availability in storefronts or via advertising networks.

Bookjackets typically feature an information flap at the inside edge with details about the book, such as author, title, publisher, and price. On its reverse, however, it often includes a summary of its content and quotes from reviews or quotes about the book’s reviews.

Bookjackets are most often found on hardcover books, though they can also be applied to paperbacks and some forms of dust covers. Bookjackets usually appear with something other than digital formats, such as eBooks.

At the first publication of a new book, its publisher may produce advance copies – known as Advance Reading Copies or “ARCs” – to build buzz among reviewers, booksellers, and other influential people. These jackets differ slightly from the final jackets in that some information might not appear therein.

After publishing, book jackets may be modified to reflect changes to subtitle, author, and other details. For instance, paperback editions of books might have different designs than hardcover ones or books that have been reprinted multiple times feature distinct jackets each time they come back into print.

Many book collectors consider the jacket a vital part of the book. They will not purchase a jacketless book or a book with a damaged or torn jacket.

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