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Subtitles are additional titles that support or expound a book title or work of art. They are typically listed under the main title on a book cover, spine, or header on the first page. These subtitles may adopt different fonts or styles and may even have equal or lesser importance as the main title.

Subtitles are used to indicate a book’s main title. For instance, a book entitled “The History of the United States” will have a good subtitle like “Colonial Era to Present Day.”

Moreover, subtitles give readers more details about a book’s content, from the genre to plot points. At times, subtitles work as attention-grabbing phrases that sell it or as the case of “A Novel of Manners,” a subtitle of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, alerting possible readers that the book satirizes the social customs of its

Book subtitles may only sometimes be necessary, but they can be helpful, especially in giving further information about the subject under discussion. Subtitles help a reader understand what to expect in a book or provide a more precise focus; in some cases, they say more than the title does, so a choice of reading materials should be made with this in mind.