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Book tokens are gift vouchers redeemable at bookshops with monetary values that allow readers to buy books directly. Book tokens may be given as presents or used as incentives in schools and libraries for reading; schools might even give out more once students meet certain reading milestones!

Use book tokens at any bookstore where they accept them to buy new and pre-loved books, online bookseller subscriptions, magazines, or gift cards.

Book tokens are an ideal way to promote reading across all age groups, as they allow anyone from children to grandparents to purchase books for reading pleasure at more reasonable prices. Besides that, book tokens also make ideal presents for book enthusiasts or for purchasing new and secondhand titles!

Book tokens typically range in value between $5, $10, $20, and $50. Their value can be subtracted from the cost of books bought using one (for instance, if an individual possesses a $20 token but purchases one that costs $15, only five percent will need to come out of pocket as payment – in total, only five dollars need to go from pocket for price versus total cost!).

People can use book tokens at any participating bookstore – in the U.S., this includes Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Half Price Books, and independent bookshops; similarly, they’re available in Britain at Waterstones and WH Smith and independent stores.

Book tokens can be an excellent way to encourage reading while saving money when purchasing books!

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