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Text types refer to a document’s main body of text using one font style. Times New Roman is the most widely used text type. However, other fonts such as Arial, Courier, and Verdana exist.

Text type can considerably affect the feel and content of any document. Traditional fonts like Times New Roman are usually reserved for formal resumes or cover letters. Meanwhile, contemporary ones, like Arial or Verdana, are better suited to emails or blog posts.

Text type can play an essential role in increasing document readability. Sans serif fonts like Arial and Verdana make reading many words easier.

While preparing a document, selecting an appropriate text type depends heavily upon its audience and purpose. For instance, printing documents requires easily legible fonts like Times New Roman, while writing meant to be read online should use Arial or Verdana fonts that facilitate viewing on screens.

Serif typefaces are most often found in books and more formal documents and tend to be formal and traditional, whereas sans serif fonts appear more modern and casual – often used for headings and short-form texts such as headings. Meanwhile, script fonts offer more decorative potential, making them suitable for logos or graphic design elements.

Font choice should be legible and suitable to the text’s tone. For help selecting one, serif or sans-serif fonts may work better; script fonts should only be used decoratively.

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