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A binding technique in which the edges of the boards of the book have been cut to a slanted angle. Also known as beveled boards.

A beveled edge is an oblique edge created by cutting the material at an angle other than a right angle. The bevel angle can be either acute (less than 90°) or obtuse (greater than 90°). When the beveled edge is created on both sides of the material, it is called a double beveled edge. Beveled edges are commonly used to create a decorative edge or to ease the edge of a material so that it will not be as sharp.

Some common uses for beveled edges include:

-Easing the edge of a material: Beveling the edge of a material can help to ease the edge and make it less sharp. This is often done with materials that will be handled frequently, such as countertops, table tops, and stairs.

-Creating a decorative edge: Beveling can also be used to create a decorative edge on a material. This is often seen on mirrors, picture frames, and tiles.

-Joining two pieces of material: Beveling can be used to create a flush surface when joining two pieces of material together. This is commonly seen in woodworking and metalworking.

-Welding preparation: Beveling the edge of a material can help to prepare it for welding. This is often done to create a beveled weld joint.

Beveled edges are important because they create a smooth, finished look on a project. They can also help to prevent chipping and cracking, which can be a problem with sharp edges. Beveled edges can be created with a variety of tools, including a router, sandpaper, or a chisel.

The purpose of a beveled edge is to create a finished look on a piece of material. Beveled edges can also be used to create a decorative element on a piece of furniture or artwork.

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