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Chipped books refer to books with worn corners caused by daily use or careless handling, such as dropping them on the ground. A chipped book may not look as nice but still provides full reading enjoyment – no matter its condition!

Chipped books have two primary uses in the publishing industry. One approach involves selling them as remainders – books that bookstores returned because of damage that no longer allows for new sales; publishers then sell these remainders at deeply discounted rates to companies that specialize in reselling used books.

Chipped books can also be utilized as review copies. Publishers send these out to reviewers, book bloggers, and media outlets with hopes of increasing publicity for the book – not worrying if any damage occurs during the reading and review processes as it will not affect sales of this version of it.

Chipped books might be less visually pleasing, but they still make great reading material and can add great value. So next time you see one for sale, don’t hesitate to give it a new home!

Chipped is an invaluable tool for book publishing and authors. It enables authors to track book sales, engage readers, and promote their works while giving publishers valuable data about book sales and reader engagement – helping identify trends while making more informed decisions regarding which books should be published.

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