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Collate is a term in printing which refers to collecting together in proper order.

Collate refers to the process of assembling books from printed sheets of paper that have been cut to size, printed by separate presses. Once cut to size and printed onto their respective printing presses sheets, these individual sheets must first be divided up into piles based on signature size – typically 16 sheets make up one signature pile.

Once assembled, signatures need to be collated by hand in their proper order for sewing together and giving their book its cover. After collating is complete, sewing takes place quickly to complete this final stage.

Collate can also refer to the process of gathering documents into one single packet for submission to publishers; such as when creating an author submission. Here, the author would collect together their manuscript, cover letter and any additional required paperwork before collating them into a cohesive packet for delivery to them.

Collate may not be considered traditional book publishing, but we believe it is an integral component of its ecosystem, offering book discovery, marketing, and sales platform. Collate provides unique services for authors and publishers.

Collate can provide invaluable assistance for small presses and independent authors without access to sufficient marketing or sales channels to promote and sell their books effectively. Collate offers these authors and presses an equal playing field and the chance to reach more readers than they otherwise might.

Collate is committed to connecting authors and publishers while creating an engaged book reading community. We see Collate as an essential part of supporting the literary ecosystem and take great pleasure in being an integral component of it!

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