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A signature is used to confirm that a person has read and agreed with the contents of a document. Such documents are usually legal. However, more informal documents such as letters and emails may employ signatures to convey this approval.

The use of signatures traces back to when tablets and documents were marked with seals since ancient times. People nowadays write their signatures with a pen or pencil. People can also use digital signatures that are created through some special programs.

Although signatures can be made differently, legibility and understandability come first. Second, the signature should match the tone of the document. For instance, if the paper itself is formal, the signature should also be so.

Signatures serve multiple functions. In most cases, they imply that someone has read and accepted the terms of a document. They are also used in less formal documents, such as emails or letters, to indicate the sender’s approval of its content.

Signatures are a vital part of the industry, as they prove the print’s authenticity and allow collectors to identify the artist or printer quickly. Signing their works, artists, and printers guarantees the quality of those works, which increases their value and value among collectors. Moreover, it is possible to relate prints to particular individuals, essential information for collectors.

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