Contemporary Fantasy Book Covers

by CJ McDaniel // April 19  

Contemporary Fantasy is a subgenre where magical creatures are hidden amongst us. These tales are set in modern times, and often seem very familiar but there is always something different about the realities these books are set in. These elements offer the ability to create amazing covers by blending both the familiar and unfamiliar. Below are a few covers that do just that.

 Trooper #4 by Noah Chinn

1. Trooper #4 by Noah Chinn

The cover of Trooper #4 does a great job of invoking feelings of suspense and action. A woman’s hand is shown up-close holding a gun while her finger is positioned on the trigger – ready to shoot. Dark figures can be seen in the background, adding an air of mystery to the cover.

The feature that stands out most about this cover design is:

Layout – The way the cover artist put the design together works well with the title of the book. The woman’s hand holding the automatic weapon provides a clue that she is a police officer – which is conveyed by revealing a part of her blue uniform shirt. The figures in the background are dark and blurred, and complement the overall design nicely.

The Book of Eli by Sam Moffie

2. The Book of Eli by Sam Moffie

The cover of Sam Moffie’s book, The Book of Eli, is genius at integrating the title and storyline. The cover shows a nose-up view of a man in deep thought asking God, “why me”, with sun rays shining down over a halo cloud with the response, “why not” written next to it. This visually tells the story of a man on a personal journey towards self-discovery, and spirituality.

This cover design’s best feature is:

Typography – The photographic image and the digital design elements are bold and creative, however the typography really gives you the idea of the storyline brewing within this book. The bold title text is in good placement, and the text highlighting the dialogue between the man on the cover and God gives you a better understanding of the book’s intended meaning.

The Griffin’s Flight (The Fallen Moon, Book 2) by K.J. Taylor

3. The Griffin’s Flight (The Fallen Moon, Book 2) by K.J. Taylor

This cover portrays a very magical and mystical view into an adventurous story. A man is shown soaring above in the skies on the back of a large, enchanting bird. The man looks excited as he and the bird fly high above the cold and dark land below.

A great feature about this book’s cover design is:

Realism – This cover provides a very real-looking glimpse into a time of great adventure and purpose. The details shown in the man’s face indicate that he is having the time of his life, while serving a great mission with his large, feathered companion. The bird is exceptionally detailed as well, which helps bring the cover to life even more.

We Never Talk About My Brother by Peter S. Beagle

4. We Never Talk About My Brother by Peter S. Beagle

The design of We Never Talk About My Brother is both regal and elegant, with neutral tones of browns, beiges, and gold tones emphasized, which make you feel the seriousness of the book’s tone. The elegant type chosen for the letter “B” on the cover really add the perfect finishing touch.

The best feature of this cover’s design is:

Colors – The cover design for this book isn’t too revealing of what can be found within the storyline, however the colors provide a serious tonality. By placing emphasis on the neutral tones, the cover provides the feeling that there’s an intriguing and interesting story to be read.

About the Author

CJ grew up admiring books. His family owned a small bookstore throughout his early childhood, and he would spend weekends flipping through book after book, always sure to read the ones that looked the most interesting. Not much has changed since then, except now some of those interesting books he picks off the shelf were designed by his company!