Social Media Marketing to Drive Traffic and Sales

Guide for Authors, Bloggers, and Business Owners

Learn The Social Media Language The importance of an active social media presence has risen from meh to mission-critical over the past decade. With social media use projected to eclipse 3 billion users worldwide by 2021, it’s become necessary for business owners to learn the language of social media marketing. Social-speak, like many languages, varies […]

Social Media Marketing to Drive Traffic and Sales

Ultimate Internet Marketing Secrets

Internet marketing, also called online marketing can be partial to a bizarre riddle. Unlocking its secrets could cause sleepless and head-scratching nights for young entrepreneurs.  How often have you heard of successful businesses that have left no question unanswered in creating an apparently perfect website to market their company online? It’s fairly standard as this […]

ClickFunnels Guide 2020: What is it And How Can it Help Your Business?

As a business owner, setting up your own online store is important to achieve access. Almost everything nowadays is digital, so riding your business in the technical wave is essential. One of the most famous tools for that purpose nowadays is ClickFunnels. If you’re not an entrepreneur, business owner, or anything of the sort, you […]

Blogging Doesn’t Work for Fiction Writers

The Myth About Fiction Blogs

blogging for fiction writers

“Blogging doesn’t work for fiction writers!” I’ve heard this statement so many times. They say that fiction writers can’t gain new readers the way other bloggers do because no one is searching for what they have to offer. While I agree that someone might not be searching for your newest book “Dusted Earth”, that doesn’t […]