Securing a Foreword for your Book

A foreword is a short introductory portion of a non-fiction book, typically written by someone other than the author. The writer of the foreword offers his or her integrity and credibility to the author, convincing others to read the book. The contents of your foreword should not provide detailed information about the subject matter. Instead, it should cover why the book is a must-read.

While a foreword is not essential, it can greatly increase the likelihood of people purchasing your book. Having a nationally recognized name write your foreword is one of the greatest ways to add instant perceived value to your book. So when it comes time to get your cover created, make sure that the foreword writer‘s name has prominent placement. It is not unheard of for the author’s name to be smaller than that of the foreword writer. It is also possible to get a publishing contract just by having the right person write your foreword.

Who Should Write the Foreword for You?

In securing a foreword for your book, you need someone reliable and well-known to write it for you. Getting an industry guru, media celebrity or notable VIP as a writer of the foreword is an excellent way to obtain instant validation for your book. The more widespread apeal of the foreword writer, the greater level of success you will achieve by being connected to them.

Other possible candidates for foreword writers are people well-known by the readers in your genre, even if they are not famous outside that circle. Make sure you pick your foreword writer carefully. Just because someone is your hero does not mean that they are known by everyone in your target audience. If for some reason your chosen candidate is not known by your potential readers, make sure that you include the writer’s credentials and title next to their name.

When you have selected the ideal candidate, approach the subject carefully and respect their time. When you finally make contact by email or phone, introduce yourself and carefully explain your intention.  Tell them what your book is about and how they can help. Once someone agrees, do not forget to sincerely thank them, and thank them again after you have received the foreword.

For other tips that you can apply to getting someone to write your foreword, read the article securing endorsements for your book.


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