How Many Pages Is 3000 Words: Tips For Effective Book Marketing 

Between a good and great book, which would you choose? Anyone would settle for great books. Why? They would be more interesting to read. However, producing a great book won’t translate into success. What brings success is your marketing strategy. If people don’t get to know your book, how would they develop interests or purchase […]

how many pages is 3000

How Many Pages Is 2500 Words? And How To Gain Popularity As A Writer

Word count is a simple calculation you can do even before writing. But most authors neglect it. They write continuously, pouring out all the ideas in their head until they reach the target word count. Well, keeping tabs on word count while writing can make writing tiring. It could even make a writer appear lazy. […]

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How Many Pages Is 1000 Words? Plus Tips To Make Crime Scene Book Convincing

Many authors’ passion for writing starts dwindling after some years of writing. And you start wondering what the cause is. When you research deeper, you’ll discover that the writers in question started disliking writing for several reasons. One could be that they started seeing writing as a highly demanding task. Sincerely, writing is demanding and […]

how many pages is 1000