How to Start a Blog

In today’s digital age, blogging has become more than just posting an online journal. It’s now a lucrative career, and a great way to share information with people across the world. But the question is, how can you start a blog? There are literally millions of blogs online. And depending on your niche, it can […]

Ultimate Internet Marketing Secrets

Internet marketing, also called online marketing can be partial to a bizarre riddle. Unlocking its secrets could cause sleepless and head-scratching nights for young entrepreneurs.  How often have you heard of successful businesses that have left no question unanswered in creating an apparently perfect website to market their company online? It’s fairly standard as this […]

Are Book Titles Italicized? A Guide On How To Address Book Titles

One of the most confusing rules in writing is how to indicate a book title. Are book titles italicized? Are they underlined? Or should they be in quotation marks?  The reason it isn’t evident is that you can look at several magazine articles, newspapers, books, and other forms of publications and see it done in […]

Writing Prompt Generator Plus Tips To Help You Get Inspired

Welcome to our FREE Writing Prompt Generator! If you’re an author, writer, or just a frustrated storyteller, this tool is your best friend when it comes to writing ideas!  Every writer knows the struggle of coming up with a fresh new idea and turning it into print. And frequently, writer‘s blocks usually creep up and […]

Character Name Generator

A great writer knows a story can be made or broken by word choice, and character names are no exception. On both a conscious and subconscious level, the names you choose reverberate with readers. They have the ability to express meaning explicitly or through secret messages. That being said, coming up with character names is […]