How To Make A Visual Novel: Tips For Aspiring Authors 

A visual novel is a type of novel that features static graphics. It makes use of anime-style art. As the name suggests, this type of novel have images in them. Now that you understand the meaning of a visual novel let’s look at how you can create one from scratch. Despite the popularity of this […]


Manga Vs. Graphic Novel: Read This Comparison

Novels are generally referred to as a long creative fictional write-up written to captivate and entertain a reader. When it comes to telling stories with comics, we use certain terms that may be confusing and difficult to differentiate due to their similarities. It’s the case in manga vs. graphic novel. Manga and graphic novels are […]


How Many Pages Can You Read In An Hour?

Information For Authors And Readers

Reading is a fun-filled activity. It doesn’t matter if you’re reading soft or hardcopy. However, reading speed differs from person to person. Several factors also affect reading speed. So, how many pages do you think can you read in an hour? Most people are scared to read cumbersome books because of the time. They believe […]


What Is The Difference Between Books And Editions? The Best Answer

Books and editions have some differences. But if you didn’t know, you would think otherwise. There are also different types of books and editions. Types of books include fantasy, horror, action, adventure, graphic novel, comic book, historical fiction, etc. Editions comprise the first edition, second edition, and so on. In this article, we’re going to […]