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Best Photography Websites

Best Photography Websites

Engagements, weddings, and senior pictures are all reasons why we may seek out a photographer. When looking for a photographer, an outstanding website is important. A great website can show you the quality of the photography and at what price. Here are some of the best in the business.


Joshua Stearns

The rolling images on the homepage of Joshua Stearns’ photography give visitors a look into the photography of Joshua Stearns. The homepage is simplistic. The simple black and white layout direct users to a blog, more images, an about page and contact information with ease. Less is more in the case of Joshua Stearns.

Best Photography Websites



Christian Oth Studio

Christian Oth Studio’s website uses a black and white layout that introduces you to all of the photographers on the home page. You can click on each photographer to learn a little more about them as well as view some of their work. A black and grey navigation bar at the top of the page allows visitors to visit photo galleries, comments, resources, FAQs, contact information and a blog. The basic layout allows visitors to take note of the photography without distractions.

Best Photography Websites


Carlos Alonso Bodas Photography

Carlos Alonso is currently advertising for wedding photography. A full-sized image of a bridge, groom and, church grace the homepage in black and white. There is minimal text on the home page, which allows users to focus on the photo rather than distractions. A drop-down navigates visitors throughout the website.

Best Photography Websites


Lisa Bettany

Lisa Bettany photography takes a slightly different approach from the above-mentioned websites. A black background allows the colorful and striking images of Lisa Bettany Photography to stand out. A small navigation bar at the top of the screen makes it easier for visitors to navigate the site without taking away from the images on the main page.

Best Photography Websites


James Day Photography

Simplicity is key for James Day Photography. A light grey background allows small, yet colorful images to stand out on the home page. A navigation bar on the left-hand side allows users to find portraits, locations, archives, information and contact information with ease. James Day Photography focuses more on photography rather than a flashy website. The page also loads very quickly.

Best Photography Websites


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