Best Arts, Crafts and Hobby Websites

by CJ McDaniel // May 26  

Best Arts, Crafts, and Hobby Websites

Whether you are an artist or just looking to try a new art, craft or hobby, the Internet is often the place to look for advice and ideas for arts and crafts projects. The Internet can provide you with ideas for individuals of all skill and age levels. A well-designed arts and crafts website provide readers with the tools and know-how to get their projects up and running. Here are some of the craftiest websites out there.

Crafters Love Crafts

Crafters Love Crafts has a basic web design that is easy to navigate. This site holds craft ideas for beginner to advanced crafters along with craft tips and a newsletter. A navigation bar on the side allows users to quickly find the type of craft they are looking to complete. Click on the link for numerous craft ideas including quilting, needlecraft and scrapbooking.

Best Arts, Crafts and Hobby Websites

Craft Online World

Craft Online World has a basic design, which easily directs users to a large number of craft categories (listed in order from A-Z). A unique feature of this website is a chat room. Users can log-in and discuss crafts with individuals from around the world.

Best Arts, Crafts and Hobby Websites

Veggie Soaps

Veggie Soaps teaches visitors who to create vegetable-based soaps for fun or profit. The simple layout directs users to basic information from how-tos to soap making recipes. The content and instructions are easy to follow.

Best Arts, Crafts and Hobby Websites

Aquarium Life

A blue background is fitting for a site about aquarium life. This site offers a variety of unique features for fish-enthusiasts. An easy-to-navigate website includes DIY projects, fish profiles, and articles on aquariums, tools, and forums. The navigation bar easily leans users to what they are looking for.

Best Arts, Crafts and Hobby Websites

Craft and Hobby Association

The Craft and Hobby Association website has a simple design and layout that allows individuals who enjoy all sorts of crafts and hobbies to find information about trade shows and events along with educational material. The homepage features the latest news in crafts and hobbies, while the navigation bar directs visitors to all important aspects of the site – including becoming a member of the Craft and Hobby Association.

Best Arts, Crafts and Hobby Websites

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