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Best Doctors Websites

Doctors Website Can be Handy

Choosing a doctor is an important part of maintaining your health, preventing illness and treating conditions. Doctors affiliated with large hospital systems are often well-known and publicized.  On the other hand, private practice doctors must promote themselves and gain patients through word of mouth. One means of promotion is through a well-designed doctor’s website.


Here are some of the Best:

Delray Doctor Family Practice and Urgent Care. This doctor’s website is for the practice of Dr. Ligotti, located in Palm Beach County. The navigation bar allows patients to view if Dr. Ligotti has the services they are looking for with ease. Additionally, a brief video interview with Dr. Ligotti allows patients to get a sense of what Dr. Ligotti is like prior to making an appointment.

Best Doctors Websites

Premier Medical Associates.  Premier Medical Associates is a large, multi-specialty office located in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA. This site is very easy-to-navigate and allows potential patients to find doctors, hospitals, specialties, office locations and accepted insurances with the click of a button on the home page. All links are clearly defined with content that can help to clarify patient questions.

Best Doctors Websites

Lincoln Medical Center.  Located in Chicago, Lincoln Medical Center’s website starts out with inviting text. A top navigation bar easily direct patients to vital information including insurance information, new patient forms and information about the doctor on staff.

Best Doctors Websites

Family Practice of Aurora, Colorado. Family Practice of Aurora keeps their site simple. The homepage offers insight into the types of services offered along with practice hours. New patients are able to download medical history forms based on their age and sex. Links on this site lead you to basic information about the doctor and practice FAQs. Family Practice of Aurora provides quality information without overwhelming patients.

Best Doctors Websites

False Creek Healthcare Centre Located in Vancouver, Canada, False Creek Healthcare Centre private practice has something few private practices have…a blog. Updated every couple of days by doctors and other medical professionals, False Creek turns doctor speak on common, current and important medical issues into language that can be understood by anyone.

Best Doctors Websites

Madison Medical Practice. Located in New York City, Madison Medical Practice offers a very unique feature to its website. The home page allows patients to select a reason for a visit, a doctor and select a time for an appointment without having to pick up the phone.  A site that is updated by the minute allows patients to view the doctor’s schedule as it fills up.

Best Doctors Websites

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    Websites for Doctors

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