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by CJ McDaniel // February 22  

Legal services are becoming increasingly reliant on the internet as a source for business. Popular websites like are playing a big role in this transition because of their ability to help those in need find a lawyer. When potential clients are using services like these to find a law firm, the design may end up playing a huge factor in the decision making process. This is especially true if there are a lot of law firms in the same city practicing in the same area of law as what the client needs. A law firm needs to have an amazing, cutting edge website design to help attract these searching clients. Below are some of the best lawyer websites on the web.

Oakland California is home to attorney Nabiel C. Ahmed who has a great website design with a picture of downtown at night. It’s labeled as East Bay Law Practice. The header of the website has rows of classic column designs like you would see on an old courthouse. On the left hand side you see the list of the firm’s specialties in white lettering. It’s professional yet pleasing to look at.

The Law and Mediation Offices of Deborah Lesko is a fun content rich site. The headers cycling through the top are down to earth and lessen the stressful formality that usually accompanies contacting a lawyer. It is obvious that the owners of this site wanted more than just new clients they seem interested in having educated clients this is exemplified by the numerous articles they have written for every one of their services.

The website for the Law Office of Steven J. Borel primarily grunge textured backgrounds but succeeds in not making them overpowering, this background provides great contrast for the content on the site.  The navigation was well thought out with a standard horizontal menu at the top as well as large visibly appealing menus on the side highlighting important services and contact information.

The law firm of Hoff Curtis in Burlington Vermont has an interesting way to show off their website. When the site first loads it may not look like anything special, but then as you start to click through the mini slideshow that details their areas of practice, it is easy to see why this is such a great page. The very last slide gives the comprehensive list of the firm’s practices.

The Law Offices of Scott Fridley has an appealing website. The background of the homepage is neutral colors with different images of maps of the world. It also has a banner at the top with different quotations that are important to the law firm. All of the pertinent information is easily accessible which is extremely important to have on a homepage when people are usually just clicking through random sites.

The website of Colleen A. Dunbar, Attorney at Law, Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas is well done and in a way peaceful and calming. The background is a dark color which is misleading at first but then you focus on the main picture in the middle of the home page and it’s a calming lake with beautiful trees with an amazing sunset. The side quote is “compassionate help through a difficult time”. This leads potential clients to feel safe to confide in Ms, Dunbar who does specialize in some sensitive legal issues.

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